Project 365 Mosaic (82-90)

Getting caught up on my Project 365 Mosaics this week. As you can see, I continue to flip back and forth between photo journaling and working on compositional/technical skills. I love the produce photos, perhaps because of how they look against my new pale blue walls in the kitchen. I’m also digging the bubble bath photo, too, with its depth of field and bubble details.

Here are the links to see the full frame images-
1. 0323_The_Dock, 2. 0324_Jack, 3. 0325_BulldozingDirt, 4. 0326_Jasper, 5. 0327_Paint_Sample_Animals, 6. 0328_Bubble_Bath, 7. 0329_Recipe_Cards, 8. 0330_Portrait_of_a_Pineapple, 9. 0331_Produce_Portrait

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