Paint Samples

Deciding on a paint color for the main living area of the house was/is turning into an screening test for OCD. I keep buying samples, painting swatches, studying them at different times of day, etc. It’s getting a little nutty given these are all very pale shades that will probably just end up being taken for white paint. But there are a lot of walls to cover and that’s a lot of time, money, and paint. Hence the obsessiveness.

Last week while painting yet another square swatch, J. thought I should paint a giraffe instead. And the menagerie continues to grow. When you walk in the front door of my house right now, the above photo is what you see. There’s something very freeing (and FUN!) about painting these quick little animal doodles on the wall. It’s kind of making me want to paint a real mural there or just around the corner down the hallway.

I wish they made chalkboard paint in white. That would be really fun, wouldn’t it?

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