A Shark Costume

Jack wanted to be a shark for Halloween, so we went online looking for a costume. We came across these kits,and J & I both liked the idea of the sweatsuit. He wanted something more detailed though, so I used that as a jumping off point for creating my own. Jack wanted eyes and a tail for his shark, and I thought he needed some gills and those little pelvic fins towards the tail. Then I got a little creative and stitched some triangles on the fins to give it a bit of visual interest.

Jack loves his costume. For my first go at a costume, I’m proud of myself. Just don’t examine the stitching too closely. Or tell Jack that he kind of has an Elvis thing going with those pants- lol!

A Vacation Countdown

Remember those paper chains from the holidays? J and I made one to countdown our vacation. It’s been great for helping visualize how long we have until we leave, as well as reinforce our counting practice.

It also took about five minutes to make- perfect for a three-year-old’s attention span!

More Project 365 Mosaics

1. 0401_Mini_File_Folder, 2. 0403_Bicycle, 3. 0405_Family_Portrait, 4. 0404_Satisfaction, 5. 0402_Kitty, 6. 0406_Stick_It, 7. 0407_Spring_is_in_the_Air, 8. 0408_The_Dream, 9. 0409_Sailing

So April took a big hit as far as the Project 365 photos go. I missed not one, not two, but THREE days- EEK!!

1. 0410_Jelly_Train, 2. 0412_Bath_Time, 3. 0413_Printable_Sampler, 4. 0414_Sweet_Red, 5. 0415_Notepad_Supplies, 6. 0416_New_Furniture, 7. 0417_Dinosaur!, 8. 0418_Look_at_Books, 9. 0419_DinoLand

But I have not quit. I WILL finish. Even though I’m disappointed that I won’t have all 365 days, I really do love making photography such a part of my daily life (most days!) Every time I create one of these photo mosaics, I relive that particular period of time and I’m grateful to have these visual reminders of moments I might have otherwise glossed over or forgotten altogether.

1. 0420_Conch, 2. 0421_Broken, 3. 0423_Drifters, 4. 0424_In_Motion, 5. 0425_Magnolia, 6. 0426_Sea_Cars, 7. 0427_Beach_Buddies, 8. 0428_Dried_Magnolia, 9. 0430_Red_and White_In_Blue

You can click on the links below each mosaic to see any of the photos in their full frames.

Dordle and Appella

I’m currently taking Carla Sonheim’s “The Art of Silliness 4” online drawing class.  It’s been great to spend time each day just drawing or doodling for FUN. No worries about whether something sucks or not, just experimenting and having fun. You know, like kids do when they draw. And the way it should be.

And while I wasn’t necessarily looking for new work/project ideas, this class seems to be generating them.

This is Appella.

And this is Dordle.

They were inspired by a one-line drawing exercise the other day. I don’t know where I’ll go with these floral critters, but I know I like making them.

Collaborative Painting

We’ve been painting on the lanai lately. There’s something about using kiddie art supplies that let me just relax and just have fun.

A Photo Walk

Friday I bequeathed my old point and shoot camera to my three-year-old, and we headed off to the farmer’s market & my favorite little BBQ joint. Below are a few of the shots he took- some made me laugh, some impressed me…

Getting a quick lesson on how to use the camera…

He kept looking at the preview screen before he finished clicking the button, hence the above shot.

This was one of my favorite shots with the tree, the row of colorful shops, the slight angling…

I was pretty impressed with the composition of this one and with how friendly people are about a three-year-old pointing a camera at them!

Somehow I forgot my own camera, so I had to snapped pics with my camera phone-

I really enjoyed taking J. out to snap pictures, and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Who knows, perhaps I have a little shutterbug in the making!