More Project 365 Mosaics

1. 0401_Mini_File_Folder, 2. 0403_Bicycle, 3. 0405_Family_Portrait, 4. 0404_Satisfaction, 5. 0402_Kitty, 6. 0406_Stick_It, 7. 0407_Spring_is_in_the_Air, 8. 0408_The_Dream, 9. 0409_Sailing

So April took a big hit as far as the Project 365 photos go. I missed not one, not two, but THREE days- EEK!!

1. 0410_Jelly_Train, 2. 0412_Bath_Time, 3. 0413_Printable_Sampler, 4. 0414_Sweet_Red, 5. 0415_Notepad_Supplies, 6. 0416_New_Furniture, 7. 0417_Dinosaur!, 8. 0418_Look_at_Books, 9. 0419_DinoLand

But I have not quit. I WILL finish. Even though I’m disappointed that I won’t have all 365 days, I really do love making photography such a part of my daily life (most days!) Every time I create one of these photo mosaics, I relive that particular period of time and I’m grateful to have these visual reminders of moments I might have otherwise glossed over or forgotten altogether.

1. 0420_Conch, 2. 0421_Broken, 3. 0423_Drifters, 4. 0424_In_Motion, 5. 0425_Magnolia, 6. 0426_Sea_Cars, 7. 0427_Beach_Buddies, 8. 0428_Dried_Magnolia, 9. 0430_Red_and White_In_Blue

You can click on the links below each mosaic to see any of the photos in their full frames.

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