Pictures I Took

A Project 365 Mosaic (19-27)

This is my favorite mosaic so far, perhaps because I love so many of the individual pictures themselves. Guess I was having a good little picture-taking week. Click on the links below to see any of the individual pictures in their full frame- 1. 0119_Cracked, 2. 0120_Batman!, 3. 0121_Pinned, 4. 0122_Coral, 5. 0123_Grow_Forth_and_Bloom, 6. 0124_Red_Wreath, […]

Another Project 365 Mosaic (10-18)

Another nine photos down, only 347 to go! My favorite photo out of this bunch is the dendrobiums in the top right corner. You can see the entire photo here. Part of what I like about this daily photo project is that it’s not connected to anything specific like work or my family. It’s this […]

A Project 365 Mosaic (1-9)

Here we go again- Project 365, the daily photo project. I started one last year, but somewhere in midst of updating our home to sell it, it fell to the wayside. Angie of Jumping Jack Designs made it through all of 2010 though, and after seeing how much her photography improved in a year’s time, […]