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More Project 365 Mosaics

1. 0401_Mini_File_Folder, 2. 0403_Bicycle, 3. 0405_Family_Portrait, 4. 0404_Satisfaction, 5. 0402_Kitty, 6. 0406_Stick_It, 7. 0407_Spring_is_in_the_Air, 8. 0408_The_Dream, 9. 0409_Sailing So April took a big hit as far as the Project 365 photos go. I missed not one, not two, but THREE days- EEK!! 1. 0410_Jelly_Train, 2. 0412_Bath_Time, 3. 0413_Printable_Sampler, 4. 0414_Sweet_Red, 5. 0415_Notepad_Supplies, 6. 0416_New_Furniture, 7. […]

A Photo Walk

A Photo Walk

Friday I bequeathed my old point and shoot camera to my three-year-old, and we headed off to the farmer’s market & my favorite little BBQ joint. Below are a few of the shots he took- some made me laugh, some impressed me… Getting a quick lesson on how to use the camera… He kept looking […]

Project 365 Mosaic (82-90)

Getting caught up on my Project 365 Mosaics this week. As you can see, I continue to flip back and forth between photo journaling and working on compositional/technical skills. I love the produce photos, perhaps because of how they look against my new pale blue walls in the kitchen. I’m also digging the bubble bath […]

The 5 Stages of Project 365 Grief

I woke up yesterday morning to a feeling of dread and slight depression. I thought I had forgotten to take a photo for my Project 365. I shuffled out to the kitchen for coffee and shared with my husband my sadness at breaking my photo streak. He was sympathetic and then realized that I had, […]

Another Project 365 Mosaic (64-72)

Soon I’ll have this ebook project completed and I can get back to other things, but I am proud of myself for keeping up with my Project 365 photos. I’m now 20% of the way through the year- yay, me! Plus, this is truly a “just for me” bit of creating that helps keep me […]

My Latest Project 365 Mosaic (55-63)

Lately all of my daily creating has been work related. I’m working on an ebook(s) of printable projects and that project board with all the little sticky notes has been my life. Well, that and my son. Pretty obvious from this latest Project 365 mosaic, huh?

My Project 365 Mosaic (45-54)

I’ve been playing with the camera apps on my phone these days for some of my Project 365 photos. No, I don’t have the cool Instagram app that every single iPhone user has, although I wish I did. No, I’m an Android girl, so I have Retro Camera and Vignette. Some cool stuff there, but […]

Another Project 365 Mosaic

I love the narrative of this latest Project 365 mosaic and how it really captured my daily life during this period. You can see all the photos in their full frames by clicking here.

A Project 365 Mosaic (19-36)

I’m noticing that I go through periods with my picture taking where it’s more about documenting moments than just taking a good photo. I look at the photos of the sandwich, Jack in the fridge, the pie, and I know I’ll remember this period as him being the pain in the ass eater who I […]