Another Project 365 Mosaic (64-72)

Soon I’ll have this ebook project completed and I can get back to other things, but I am proud of myself for keeping up with my Project 365 photos. I’m now 20% of the way through the year- yay, me! Plus, this is truly a “just for me” bit of creating that helps keep me looking out for things to be noticed.

That one of my husband and my son just makes me melt every time I look at it.

Here are the links to the individual photos if you’d like to see their full frames-

1. 0305_Glowing, 2. 0307_Entangled, 3. 0308_Garbage_Pickup, 4. 0309_Milk_Bubbles, 5. 0310_Kitschy_Utensils, 6. 0306_Currently_Reading, 7. 0311_Kitschy_Utensils_Print, 8. 0312_Morning_Cereal, 9. 0313_Bulb

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