A Shark Costume

Jack wanted to be a shark for Halloween, so we went online looking for a costume. We came across these kits,and J & I both liked the idea of the sweatsuit. He wanted something more detailed though, so I used that as a jumping off point for creating my own. Jack wanted eyes and a tail for his shark, and I thought he needed some gills and those little pelvic fins towards the tail. Then I got a little creative and stitched some triangles on the fins to give it a bit of visual interest.

Jack loves his costume. For my first go at a costume, I’m proud of myself. Just don’t examine the stitching too closely. Or tell Jack that he kind of has an Elvis thing going with those pants- lol!

6 responses to “A Shark Costume”

  1. Joy Charde

    Aaaah! Super cute! You are braver than I, the boys are going as “Sleepy Guys” so they can just be in their jammies…

  2. Nicole

    Thats fantastic!!! Great costume – he looks so cute!

  3. Crystal

    I loooove, love, love this, and Jack of course too! His costume is awesome! I remember the costumes my mom used to make for us, and those are the ones I have the fondest memories of.

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  5. leah

    that is an amazing costume!!

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