Fun Faces With Breakfast Food

Saw this face while making eggs Friday morning…

Then I thought how waffles look a lot like the eyes of a fly…

Which lead to making faces with our clementines.

Some days I’m easily amused…

An Upside Down Dude: AEDM- Day 6

Today’s drawing exercise was to copy a line drawing upside down. So drawing this guy like this-

Turned out like this-

I love that this exercise is done early on in Betty Edwards’ book, sort of a “see, you CAN draw” confidence booster. Certainly turned out a hell of a lot better than yesterday’s memory man!

A (Freaky) Face- AEDM: Day 5

This was another pre-instruction exercise from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The assignment was to draw a familiar face from memory, and good God, did this turn out funky! I can’t even bring myself to admit whose face it’s supposed to be- lol! Oh, well, part of the process, eh?

A Face Vase- AEDM: Day 4

Another exercise from Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain workbook. The bottom half does all right, but towards the top the vase sort of turns into two different people. Regardless, I like this exercise, it kind of reminds me of the stacked bowl/vase pieces I created  in my ceramics class in college.